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Kush is a cocky, laid back, adolescent ninja who is actually the incarnation of Atum Ra. Soon you will be able to follow the adventures of Kush on Tiggio Publishing.

elvirahomeFollow the everyday life of Elvira and her favorite friends Amber, Crystal, Jackie, Kenya and Miss Blue Bell, as they battle Creeper and other villains of South Land.


Zeke is a fun loving cowboy that loves to ride his favorite talking horse Rocky. Are you ready to read more how Zeke protects the animals on the Putney Farm?

Marshall & Harris

Writing Team


Antonio, Jonathan, Mari, and I are the co-writers of the following books that will be published by Tiggio Publishing: Elvira and Friends, Zeke the Cowboy, Cousin Princesses, The Mighty Blue Tornado, and more. We make up of the writing team of Marshall & Harris.


As Blue Tornado chief writer my number one goal is to tell the world about our super heroes. I have to target every child that’s looking for a super hero and the children that cheer for villains. I am the liaison between my dreams and my readers.

Who Are The Marshall & Harris Writers?


Marshall & Harris are a group of brothers and Lamar’s son Mari; we all are dreamers with a huge passion for writing. Our sole goal is to entertain our audiences, as we teach life lessons in all of our writings. Please go ahead and ask us some more questions:

This question is for Jonathan, who is the Blue Tornado, and who is his number one nemesis?

Okay, I will tell you a little about the Blue Tornado. His name is Jon; as he was riding his motorcycle during a tornado, he was stung by a rare blue stinging puffer fish. The Blue Tornado number one nemesis is the Black Ant, and he’s the primary protector of Peach Tree City.

This message is for Mari, do you like writing the Kush Series?

When my uncle asked me to write Kush with him, I jumped at the opportunity. I am ready to show the world the cockiness of Kush.

The question is for Lamar, what are we going to expect from Elvira and her friends?

Elvira is a fun loving girl from South Land, but she attends Marshall Academy with some of her crazy and full loving friends. Also you’re going to read about the boys at the Harris House as they battle one another  and other villains that cross their paths

Anyone of us can answer this question, but we will like to know where are you going to publish your books?

We’re going to publish all of our books on our Tiggio Publishing website. Our first books will be Ebooks, but we’ll publish some of our books in paperback books.

Last question, are you going to add any women to your writing team?

Yes, we want to add women to our writing team. Our goal is to be the new Hannah and Barbera on the block, so adding women to our team is a MUST!