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E-book Covers By Team Tiggio:

Q: E-book Cover-generator software for about $39 bucks, is that price you want to pay for a basic E-Book Cover? Why should I hire a real artist and pay more than $39 bucks?

A:  Take a moment and ask yourself what you think your e-book cover is worth. How long did it take you to write it? Did you spend more than 5 to 10 minutes writing it? Did you pour your heart, your blood, your sweat, and tears into writing it? If yes, then why would you create and put a cover on your E-book that makes it look like it a 10 minute or less rush job? A E-Book is judged by its E-Book Cover and believe it or not yours will be to. Also, keep in mind that you will have a lot competition once you publish your E-Book. Finally, consider this; your competitors will be doing everything they can to make their book stand out more than yours. Do you really want anything holding you back from making your next published e-book a success?


Q: What work goes into designing my e-book cover?

A: That will depend on your order, but the process can involve us doing extensive photo and image-research, image creation, image editing, image blending, creating textures and using filter effects. We also consider layout design, color selection, font selection, and if necessary we can create custom fonts just for your cover. Furthermore, we can create custom illustrations based on the subject matter. This is just a few of the things that we can do for you e-book cover. But we at Tiggio Publishing believe actions speak louder than words.  If you want to see what your e-book could look like then just click on either the Basic E-Book Cover Designs, the Essential E-Book Cover Designs, or the Extravagant E-Book Cover Designs text. They will take you to our store where you can view our custom made sample e-book covers. Perhaps, there is one there for you!


Basic E-Book Designs:

We can design a very basic E-Book Cover for you. You may be a first time author with very limited funds, but that shouldn’t stop you from gaining success with your project. Our Tiggio Anime staff is here to design a E-Book cover for you with market friendly quality.

Essential E-Book Designs:

Are you looking for a high quality book cover design? However, you’re still working with fairly limited funds. Well, look no further.  For just a bit more money Tiggio Anime can create an E-Book Cover design for you that is both market friendly and attractive.


Extravagant E-Book Designs:

When it comes to your Extravagant E-Book Cover design it may take us time to complete it but it will be worth the wait. Our goal is to supply you with a beautiful and original book cover. Our designers will rely heavily on your feedback. Next, we will supply you with two custom designs. All that’s left for you to do is pick the design that fits your taste.




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