January 31, 2017
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The Mighty Blue Tornado

Jon is an Ex- Marine who served in multiple combat zones running top secret missions with a specialized unit, but now he owns his own private eye/detective agency in which he works cases with and without the local Peach Tree police department. One day Jon went to visit his sister's lab, because she told him about a rare fish that she and her team were examining. The rare fish was a blue puffer fish. What made this fish so rare was for one this fish was a bright blue and because its six sense abilities to escape danger. If the fish views you as harmful it will produce an underwater tornado like vertex to wipe-out all danger. When Jon left Dr. Marsh’s lab, her lab and the blue puffer’s fish tank was struck by a massive tornado. The moment when the blue puffer fish tank exploded it flew out of the lab and then formed its own tornado to protect itself from the existing tornado. The moment the fish fell from the sky it struck Jon Marsh. After Jon developed his powers, he was then asked to join and lead a group called the Association. Soon you can purchase The Mighty Blue Tornado signature t-shirts from our store.

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