Blue Tornado


The Mighty Blue Tornado and the Association


The Green Whale

The Green Whale a big underwater crime fighter, and his number one nemesis is Puffer


Is the number one mystery solver/detective for the Association, his number one nemesis is Enigma


Is the number one enemy of Monsoon


Really cuts loose when she tangles with Downpour.

Mr. Blizzard

Is a powerful cold demon who’s nemesis is Whiteout


Is small but very strong, as she tangles with the very large Gust


Onyx’s real name is Raven, also she’s Clamorous number one nemesis as they battle with screams.


Is the Green Whale side-kick, who together they battle the nemesis Puffer.


Is an archer who refuses to use a gun. He can draw different powers from his bows.


The Plunger is a a crime fighter, but he has a huge gambling problem. He can draw power from his dice and playing cards. Also his number one nemesis is Cardshooter


Love to brag about how fast he is, but he’s the fastest man on earth. He and Flux are known nemesis.


Is the strongest there is, as he have never reach his true powers. Boss Playa is his nemesis, but Shambles is stronger.

The Clique

Black Ant

tiggioanimeblackantThe leader of the Clique is the Black Ant, who’s the number one nemesis of the Mighty Blue Tornado

The Trickster

Is one of of the craziest enemies of the Association, he’s always a handful for the Blue Tornado as they battle him in Peachtree City


Puffer (a water villain half man/fish, with a toxic ability), also he’s The Green Whale number one nemesis


Love’s to pull the members of the Association into his wicked mazes, so he quickly became Braintwister number one Nemesis.


Monsoon is the number one nemesis to Windstorm. They’re two women that don’t like each other


Cyclone and Downpour take turns as they battle Hurricane. Let’s just say clean up crews are always on standby as they fight.


Gust and Gale where friends when they were in high school, but their friendship fizzled over a misunderstanding.


This is a nemesis of Mr. Blizzard, as they battle over who can make the world the coldest.


Clamorous is a very pretty woman who loves to fight Oynx over Bowman


Is a very powerful gambler who loves to battle Plunger with dice bombs, and playing cards.


Flux is a very fast villain that runs in reverse. He loves to battle Rush with is speed.

Boss Playa

Is a very powerful pimp on Tiggio Ave, as he rules because his strength is unmatched compared to most. His number one nemesis is Shambles.